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Australian Wildlife Art was born out of a passion for local art. Whilst walking through a Sunday market looking at local Australian wildlife art, we remembered how difficult it was to find true, local Aussie art back in the countries we had emigrated from, namely, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Everything sold there was in a tourist shop and created in factories, or made in the millions by the big-name selling artists of the day. They always lacked that character, authenticity and quirkiness of local art. From this, we set out on a mission to bring our love of local art out to where you can’t buy it: everywhere.

We only sell art from small, local artists who are making quality pieces, often for fun more than sales! It is important for us to provide a platform for local artists to grow their brand and their art worldwide, and provide them with an additional revenue source to help them continue to produce beautiful pieces and benefit our communities.  

We all live with our families in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland here in South-East Queensland – a place where wildlife is in no short supply. From the rock pools to valleys, to the scrub to the bush, there are animals wherever you look. We love to remind ourselves on walks that if we stand still and can’t see anything, we always wonder how many are watching us closely!  

We are a QLD based company, working with local artists. To be able to offer the highest quality items, some are printed overseas, others in Australia but we are constantly working with our local suppliers to see how we can print more and more in Australia while ensuring these can be purchased by you at an affordable price.

With a keen eye and a love of art, we search the local markets, meet real Aussie artists and collaborate to bring their art right to your home. So you can now bring the magic of Australia back home and still support local!