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                What better way to add a touch of Australian fauna to your house than with items from The AWA Home Collection?
                Liven the interior or exterior with homewares such as koala pillows, rosella cushions and lorikeet throws to add warmth. Add colour and interest with items such as a kangaroo print in the living room or a set of cockatoo mugs in the kitchen. View The AWA Home Collection for even more ideas about how to decorate your home, Australian Wildlife style.

                Decorative home accessories can help give your house a feel of the Australian bush and will transform any room into a space you love.

                The Home Collection (141)

                Mug - Black Cockatoo by Nadya Neklioudova

                Throw Blanket - Variegated Fairy Wrens by Nadya Neklioudova

                Print - Black Cockatoo by Nadya Neklioudova

                Mug - Magpie by Rachael Curry

                Mug - Wombat And Wren by Rachael Curry

                Throw Blanket - Kangaroo mum and her joey by Rachael Curry

                Pillow - Galahs by Sandra Temple

                Pillow - Rainbow Lorikeet by Alan Young

                Mug - Tawny Frogmouth by Peta Harvey

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