Our partnership with Friends of the Koala!
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Our partnership with Friends of the Koala!

Hi everyone, great news!

We are now official partners of the Friends of the Koala Association. Friends of the Koala is committed to conserving koalas and preserving and enhancing their habitat. Their focus is on rehabilitation and rescue, as well as research and educating the community about Koala conservation.

Koalas are impacted heavily by urbanization, traffic and natural disasters such as the recent bushfires and therefore the work that Friends of the Koala do is critical to helping these adorable little creatures survive in their ever-changing environment.

As such, when you purchase beautiful local Australian wildlife art from AusWildlifeArt, you’re not only supporting local artists and small businesses, but you’re also helping protect an endangered classically Australian animal and its habitat. Click here to access our Koala Collection.

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