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Sam Pennisi

I am an artist inspired by my photography, living in the coastal town of Mackay, Qld. I migrated to Australia aged 7 and lived on a farm in Stanthorpe where I developed respect and love for the Australian bush.

I painted European style landscapes in oils to fund my way to Brisbane, where I had a successful career as a Commercial Artist. I was fortunate to work at the top end Advertising Agencies and my work was recognised with many Industry Awards. Sadly I ended my career prematurely as I could not bring myself to use a computer to do the work I had spent many years perfecting by hand.

My life took a new direction and painting took a backseat to work and family until I was forced into 3 months of rehabilitation following neurosurgery and a blood cancer diagnosis. I needed a subject to paint, so I scrolled through my photographs and my eye was immediately captured by the bird images I had taken.

I love their vibrant colours combined with subtle colour variations, the texture and detail of their feathers and their personalities. Painting has helped me through the tough times and also rejuvenated me. I constantly challenge myself to try new mediums, styles, techniques and subjects I am now retired and living my best life surrounded by family love and my paints.

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Sam Pennisi