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Robyn Cockburn

My home is in suburban Brisbane. Many of my own photographs are featured in my paintings. We have a great variety of birds visiting our yard,
from Sacred Kingfishers to Rainbow Lorikeets, Fairy Wrens and many more. We also see green tree frogs, carpet snakes and lots of gorgeous, colourful butterflies.

My professional life was in Information Technology, spending almost 20 years as Computer Analyst/Programmer Team Leader and Systems Architect.
Apart from work I have always been interested in art, craft and photography. I make a lot of greeting cards, sometimes using small watercolour paintings I've done.
This led to creating digital greeting card kits which I design solely on the computer for people to download and make their own cards.

I enjoyed Parchment Craft (pergamano) for a few years, particularly doing blended colour pencil work.
I am largely self-taught apart from doing a couple of watercolour workshops with Heidi Willis. I used that medium for a couple of years.
More recently I decided to try acrylic painting. Such a different feel to watercolours, but the vibrancy is just great!

View Robyn's art here:

Robyn Cockburn