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Lisa Sommer

I was born in beautiful Switzerland in 2000 and was fascinated with Australia ever since I was a kid. There was just something about this huge country on the other side of the world that attracted me.

In 2017 my dream then finally became true. I travelled to Australia and went to a high school on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Since then Australia has become my second home and being there is always an unforgettable time for me.  

I started drawing early on and it has always been a part of me. I took some art classes at school when I was younger but taught myself most of it on my own until the second half of high school.  I changed my major in 2018 and went from biology to art. It was a major change in my life and helped me grow a lot, especially in creating my own art style.

I work with many different media but my favourite and most common used one is digital art. I started drawing digitally in November 19, when I got my IPad Pro. Before drawing digitally, I mostly worked with coloured pencils, graphite and pastels but I liked to experiment with new techniques and medias.  My favourite subjects to draw beside animals are portraits and medical illustrations as the human body and the way it works really interest me.

I will be graduating in 2021 and my plan is to study scientific illustration and then work in the medical field. Hopefully I can stay in Queensland!

Australia has such an amazing wildlife and it’s a huge inspiration for me to draw these beautiful animals. Every drawing is a memory of my incredible time in Down Under, and inspires me to draw even more!

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