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Wildlife Decor

We often look at wildlife themes and motifs as quite traditional, and younger homeowners sometimes move towards more contemporary or modern design ideas for their home decor. However, with more and more contemporary artists looking to Australian wildlife, birds and animals as their subjects, the lines are blurring. There is now a wide range of Australian wildlife art that reflects contemporary styles and trends, while bringing the outside in, and at the same time exhibiting our unique species.

Clean Lines

Wildlife art can provide the same clean and clear lines that many are attracted to in modern art. Rachael Curry’s Magpie is the perfect example of those clear lines for people who love for their wall art to be crisp and precise. The fine lines of her work show her subject in perfect focus.

rachel curry magpie print

Similarly, Matteo Grilli’s series of cockatoos are defined, crisp and clear, and show a range of the subject’s personality to create a suite of wall prints or accessories such as cushions or mugs. The cockatoo is a classic Australian symbol, and Matteo’s artwork is a blend of the traditional subject and the contemporary, clean style.

matteo grilli cockatoo print

 Bringing the Outside In

Wildlife art is the perfect way to give your decor a natural feeling. Colours, the representation of textures and the images themselves bring elements of the outdoors into your home to create calming and relaxing environments. They also provide a basis for main colour schemes, and secondary schemes for accessories.

Featured artist Alan Young’s work uses a rich palette of natural hues: tones and levels of greens, blues and browns that perfectly capture Australian flora and landscapes. His bird subjects then add another layer of colour that you can capture and integrate into your home decor with accessories or wall colours.

alan young eastern spinebill

Sandra Temple’s Cassowary artwork provides a vibrant touch of wildlife decor, …with an edge! The subject can be an unusual one, and so is perfect not only for something different when it comes to a wildlife art print, but it can also be a conversation piece when it catches your guests’ eye! At the same time, it still provides the varied hues of nature that can add to a contemporary decor.

sandra temple rainforest king the cassowary


Another style to consider is monochrome sketch style art. Whether done digitally or by hand, depending on the artist’s style and preference, these illustrations lend themselves to an individual portrait style that makes you feel even more up close to Australia’s native fauna. Nadya Neklioudova’s Koala artwork is a case in point - it’s a portrait of one of Australia’s most well-known characters, and yet feels almost intimate in its closeness and detail.

koala by nadya neklioudova

Featured artist Tracy Church’s Tawny Frogmouth is a lesser known Australian bird and provides a new face to add character and local charm to your decor. This different style of illustration shows the wealth of possibilities that wildlife art can provide when you’re looking for something unique for your home.

tracy church tawny frogmouth

If you’ve not considered Australian wildlife art for your home decor before, it’s time to explore the different styles available that you may not have thought of. Decor can easily borrow or be enhanced from the Australian landscape and the characters within it, and you may find something that you’ve not been able to discover in other types of artwork styles and subjects.

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