Relaxing Ideas for the Home
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Relaxing Ideas for the Home

Now, more than ever, our homes are our sanctuary. After the year that was 2020, we have much more of an appreciation of how our homes look, and how they make us feel. We know that they need to be relaxing; somewhere we can feel safe and sound, no matter what is going on outside their walls.

There are several ways you can make your home feel more relaxing, while enhancing your own style and personality.


One of the first things anyone will tell you is that decluttering will ultimately make any home feel calmer, although it may not feel like it during the process! Once it’s done though, there is something to be said for the old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place”. It doesn’t mean you have to toss everything, or hide everything away, but store away things that aren’t practical or beautiful, and minimise the piles of ‘stuff’ that can cause stress just by looking at them!

You can use high quality tote bags with beautiful designs as storage, particularly for play things and soft items. Brisbane-based artist Nadya Neklioudova’s Bee Eaters tote bag makes a beautiful natural statement while also being functional.

Hang a series on the wall as a way to organise what you need to access quickly but don’t want to have out all the time. Hung up on an otherwise blank wall, these practical tote bags can also double as unique wall art.

Bee Eater Tote Bag

Bring The Outdoors In

Australian wildlife art is the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside. Many of our artists paint or draw their subjects in their natural habitat; colourful birds in beautiful leafy trees or, for example, platypuses in cooling ponds. Alan Young’s Rainbow Lorikeet wall art print is a perfect example of a gorgeous animal surrounded by lush native flowers that will make the room come alive with natural beauty.

When you look to team up bird artwork with an indoor plant of a similar species, or shade, you can create a 3D effect. Indoor plants are known to improve your mood as well as reduce stress and fatigue. They can also help to improve the quality of the air inside your home by absorbing toxins and producing fresh oxygen.

Modern Muted Tones

Muted tones, particularly in colours like blue, red and pink, are known for their calming effects. They have cool properties that make them perfect and relaxing for bedrooms in particular. Lighter tones can also give a feeling of space, making rooms feel slightly bigger and more luxurious.

Match the tone in your wall colour with a hanging art in similar shades. Rachael Curry’s Rock Wallaby wall art stands out on its own, but also borrows some of those muted tones for detail, tying in the overall design of a room featuring key calming colours without being bland.

How Many Cushions Are Too Many?

Ever wondered why hotel rooms and stylised beds and couches in interior design magazines are covered in pillows and cushions? They give a feeling of luxuriousness and sophistication, as well as next-level comfort. So the answer is, you can’t have too many!

Mix designs, colours and sizes to create layers in a single space. Or you can define your living spaces with different colours or animals - the possibilities are endless. Birds in the living space, koalas on the bed, bright pops of colour in the living area, calming muted tones in the bedroom - the choice is yours depending on what you favour, and what mood you’re going for in each section of the house.

You, and your home, deserve calming and beautiful spaces that allow relaxation and calm after a busy day or week, ... or even year! Using unique storage solutions, colours and accessories are just a few ways you can achieve the personal sanctuary everyone needs.

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  1. avatar Alissa Z says:

    I don’t think you can ever have enough cushions, especially with such colours! We actually try to mix and match, and also move them around the house every few weeks – it always surprises the guests! We really love the Koala pillow we purchased from you, it fits so well with our main couch.

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