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Natural Art for the Home

Opportunities to get outside in 2020 were sometimes few and far between, and often a little bit anxiety-inducing! That’s when it’s a great idea to bring the outside in, to keep you connected to nature and the outside world, even when the pandemic lifts. Being connected to nature is an important way to keep up our mood and improve our wellbeing, as well as being a source of inspiration for home decor and feature pieces - thanks to Tracy Church for reminding us of the wonder fauna around us with her beautiful Platypus artwork. 

Laptop Sleeve - Platypus by Tracy Church


Find Your Shade

Choosing colour is one of the first ways to use natural art as inspiration for your home. The millions of hues available in nature all lend themselves to bringing base colours and highlights to every room.

As we’ve talked about in our Colourful Art for the Home blog, green is an obvious choice, not just for bringing the outside in, but also to provide a cooling colour that can be used to create relaxing spaces. Within that one colour are countless shades to layer with feature walls, wallpaper, furniture and soft accessories.

Fauna isn’t the only source of inspiration. Australia is spoilt for choice with species upon species of vividly hued native birds that provide a wide palette of beautiful colours that you can design around. Picking a feature colour and then matching wall art prints that bring those colours out is a great way to add some dynamic features to your home decor.

Print - Rainbow Lorikeet by Alan Young

Give it Some Texture

One of the very first types of art was by using what nature had to offer, such as leaves, sticks, twigs, pebbles and shells. This type of tactile artwork is still popular, and provides a way to bring texture into home decor items. There is no end of possibilities for textured natural art, to the point where you can make it yourself using the things from nature that speak to you the most, and continue the themes you’ve chosen for your home.

There are also, of course, amazing local artists who create the most incredible and detailed work. These three-dimensional pieces can be a focal point of particular rooms, drawing the eye and starting conversations. 

Floral Features

Another traditional way to bring the outside in is in the form of floral arrangements, either from your own garden, or dried floral art from local artists.

Bringing in fresh floral arrangements allows you to change the colours, tones and hues you use in your rooms on a regular basis, so is a great way to change or add to your decor if you find yourself needing some variety. Living floral arrangements are also a great way to reflect the changing seasons that are happening through the window, linking the indoors and outdoors even further. They can also be as simple or as detailed as you like, at any time that you like, so you can adjust the styles depending on your mood.

Floral Arrangement with Natural Art for the Home

Dried floral, leaf and brush arrangements are becoming even more popular, and are great for people who like to invest in natural pieces that have a longer life. Lightweight and easy to move around, they also allow for flexibility in your home decor, as you can move them to areas that may require an extra element of decor for special occasions.

And of course indoor plants are a staple of bringing nature to the interior of our homes, layering against similar shades or adding a pop of colour and brightness to otherwise neutral decors.

There are few limits to the beauty, forms and colours of nature - whether it’s outdoors or in. There’s no end to the sources of inspiration, or the ways that we can incorporate the elements of nature to not only make our homes look better, but also create spaces that lift our mood and help our wellbeing.




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