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Modern Art

No matter who their inspiration or mentors are, every artist’s form is different. Many artists start off in traditional study and then find their own style. Regardless of what their subjects are, great artists find a way to show different perspectives and character in their artwork. Modern art also provides one of kind pieces for your home that are sure to revive your spaces and spark conversation! More than ever, we need art in our homes that speak to us, and make us feel relaxed or rejuvenated in our own spaces.

Let Tradition Go

Modern art and contemporary art helps your home to make a statement. Bold art prints and different perspectives provide fresh and unique design elements, and are a perfect way to freshen up spaces in your home that you’re looking to modernise and upgrade. You can still have traditional subjects in your artworks, there are always artists and artworks that are exploring different perspectives to what we see every day.

Matteo Grilli - Cute Koala Pillow - Modern Art for Modern Living


Even just a slightly different perspective of nature can help to tie a room together with colour and texture.

Whether it is colour or perspective, it’s about how the artist expresses themselves and how that expression connects with you. One of AWA's Featured artists, Lisa Sommer , approaches Australian fauna with new digital techniques, effortlessly blending native with contemporary.

Conversation Starter

Whether you or your guests like contemporary and modern art or not, one thing is for sure: they’re a conversation starter! The bolder side of art always invites conversation, such as what the artist was thinking or feeling when they created the piece, and what it was about the piece that spoke to you. Displaying wall art or prints in a prominent area, such as the living room or dining room, is sure to get some conversation going when the artwork inevitably draws your guest’s eyes. 

A Different Side of a Subject 

Modern art allows artists to show a different side of their subject, in ways that we rarely - if ever - get to see them. How they compose their designs can allow freedom in their art, and be expressive with traditional subjects. Featured artist Rachel Curry’s depiction of a kangaroo mum and her joey shows one of our most favourite animals in an expressive and beautiful pose. It’s a pose we wouldn’t normally get to see, but can easily imagine through her artwork.

Rachael Curry - Print of a Kangaroo Mum and Her Joey

Rachael Curry - Kangaroo and Her Joey


Other artists have been known to paint pink frogs, blue koalas and red platypus, and why not? Changing an expected colour or setting can change the perspective of a familiar subject, allowing people to look at it in another way and explore features they may not have.

The limits of modern and contemporary art are boundless, whether the artwork’s subject began from a traditional subject or a completely new idea. Colour, lines and perspectives that an artist brings in their freedom of expression allows you to have that same freedom in the decor of your home. It also allows you to express a side to your personality, and that of your home, through an artist’s work. If you’ve not been a fan of modern art in the past, remember it’s not just a form or style, but it’s how it can make you feel that spark your connection to an artist’s work.

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by Jim Knip on February 24, 2021

Couldn’t agree more. I designed my flat like this.


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