Ideas to Spice Up the Kids' Room!

If you’re an adult reading this, you probably remember your old bedroom as a kid. There was a pretty standard single bed, a desk for the homework that you always did on time (or didn’t!), and some posters torn from magazines featuring your favourite actors or singers. We thought that was pretty exciting then, but kids’ bedroom decor is a little different these days!

Your child’s personality is your starting point - even at a very young age they’ll have a firm idea of what they like and don’t like. As they get older, their tastes will change, so it’s a good idea to have a room with flexible decor components - such as sectioning rooms into sleep, play and study spaces - that you can change when something isn’t cool anymore.

Decorating your child’s room, and working with them in doing this, is a great way to see their expressive and creative side and bring out your own!

Party Animal

Animals have always been a popular theme with contemporary children’s rooms; especially younger kids. You’ll find that they’re drawn to certain types of animals and will quickly have a favourite and, with that, your first step is already sorted out for you. It might be something cute and cuddly, like a koala or kittens, or could be a jungle animal that allows you to play with great prints on fabrics and artwork. Build from their chosen animal with toys, art prints, rugs and bed sheets. Don’t forget the childhood favourite ...


At some point, every kid loves their dinosaurs. They hold a certain fascination for young children: mighty beasts that roamed the earth millions of years ago, had cool talons and great fights with each other. Introduce them to dinosaurs - or distant relatives - that are still around like the cassowary.

Sandra Temple Cassowary Rainforest King Kids Bedrooms

Connecting the dots on prehistoric animals and the ones that have a very close connection is a great way for kids to learn about their current environment and grow up with an appreciation of their local fauna.

Creating an Imaginative Space

Kids will always go through phases: one moment they’re into cars and bikes, another moment they’re into dinosaurs, and then it’s pirates! By using fabrics, curtains, bed covers, cushion covers and posters you can turn your child’s room into whatever imaginative space they’re into at that time.

Here are some examples:

A Pirate Room. Drape thick fabrics, toy barrels and play hats to make a pirate ship that they can play around in, fighting fake battles and hoarding glorious treasures.

A Jungle Room. Or you can introduce indoor plants to create a jungle room, matched with green bedspreads, wildlife art prints and animal toys that can become their jungle companions. Feature their favourite animal, corresponding prints and surroundings so they can interact with that animal in their imaginary world.


enjoy kids room exciting with animals


Readily available rugs, track toys and ‘build it yourself’ kits can create a racetrack room, complete with novelty bed. Anything is possible, and it all starts with what they’re loving at that moment.

Colour It In

Colour is a great way to create unique spaces, especially for kids.

cute kids room animal art

Encourage them to be creative by mixing prints, adding modern art, and playful patterns. This is one of the few times of our lives when we can get away with just about any colour combination, so include them in the process and let them go wild.

Any element can be coloured in; walls, wallpaper, curtains, beds, chairs, desks, cushions, art prints, wall transfers and toys. Let their imagination run wild and see what happens. You may find out some interesting things about your little one and redo the process every few years to explore their interests and watch how their tastes change just through colour and patterns.

One of the greatest things about being a kid is that you aren’t yet limited by what other people think - their likes and dislikes are very genuine. Take advantage of this time to play with your child in their space and allow them to express themselves. You might even get some great ideas from them for the rest of your home and incorporate their personality into the whole house!

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