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Cute Art for the Baby’s Room

Having a new little person in the house can be a great opportunity to have some fun with home decor! Get playful with designs on blankets, pillows and cushions to create a unique nursery decor and, mainly, get reacquainted with your fun side! 

Using art provides a way to give our little ones a space that’s personalised, with different things to explore and learn. Australian art in particular gives a local touch, and gives your baby an early introduction to what they may soon recognise in their own backyard.

Art can also set the tone of a room; from calming to playful, and can help you decide on a colour scheme that suits the rest of your family’s decor.

Adorable Animals

Cute animals have long been a standard go-to for babys' first room and beyond. Who didn’t have a room filled with bears, elephants, kittens, puppies and giraffe motifs on blankets and as toys? Why not flip this traditional idea by incorporating a local flavour?

Now we can personalise spaces with art featuring our own native animals, not only creating a point of difference but also introducing our kids early on to local birds and animals.

Featured artist Claudine Dunn's work is perfect for an adorable and individual bespoke nursery design scheme. Her playful hand drawn art pieces add unique perspectives to the Australian favourites; the kookaburra and koala. For a high adorability factor, you won’t be able to resist her cheeky tawny frogmouths, who make the perfect nursery companions.

Tawny frogmouth print Claudine Dunn

Claudine Dunn - Tawny Frogmouths 
Avialble in Prints, Pillows, Mugs and more! 

Calming Spaces

If you want to create a calming space for your baby, try colours like muted blues and greens, pale purples, earthy neutrals and calmed tones of grey. These paler colours are known for their calming effects, ...but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain! Why not something absolutely stunning that is also a work of art? You can choose accessories in similar palettes to add character while maintaining the calmness of the room.

Rachael Curry's artwork Kangaroo Mum and her Joey is a stunning family image, and the perfect way to add those calming muted green and grey tones. Imagine this stunning piece as a comforting blanket for your baby to cuddle up in, just like the joey in its mum’s pouch!

Kangaroo and her Joey Throw by Rachael Curry

Rachael Curry - Kangaroo Mum and her Joey 
Shown in a beautiful blanket (see above) 


Dividing the Room into Sections 

You can use design and colour to divide sections of a room into sleep and play. There are a couple of ways you can do this; one is by using accessories and wall art prints of different colours, or choose a character that defines the activity of that side of the room.  

When using colour, try having muted tones around the sleeping area, and then use bright pops of colour for the side of the room where the baby is going to be alert and active. Having a bright wall art print near the change table, for example, will give the baby something to focus on and explore while you’re cleaning up and dressing, and team up with colourful play mats and cushions nearby. Is it too crazy to consider putting something interesting for them to look at on the ceiling whilst they're being changed?! 

Or how about Rachael Curry’s adorable Kangaroo Mum and Joey artwork in the sleeping area, and a selection of bright birds in the play area?

There are so many ways to play with art design, and a baby’s room is the perfect place to let your imagination fly! It also gives your baby a unique start to life, giving that point of difference to traditional elephants and bears. 


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