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Colourful Art at Home

Colour, whether you use a lot or a little, can really set the character of a home. Different colours can be used in different rooms to create specific spaces for relaxing, entertaining and creating. If you’ve never used colour before, or you’re not sure what to use, let’s have a look at what each hue can offer.



Traditionally, red has been used in art and design to represent heat, activity, love, passion and joy. It gives a feeling of energy, movement and action. Red has been favoured in many restaurants to inspire people to talk, eat and drink - and spend more money! You can use it in your home in the dining room, for example, to encourage conversation and happiness when guests come over. An art print that picks up those red hues is a perfect complement to break up the colour and add some texture.


Rachael Curry Kingfisher Pillow

As we mentioned in our Relaxing Art for the Home blog, blue is perfect for creating calming spaces. Blue has long been known to encourage peace and serenity, and helps to reduce anxiety. It’s the perfect colour to introduce to a room that you would like to set as a tranquil space like the bedroom – particularly if you find sleep difficult or troublesome. You may also like to use it for a reading nook or relaxing sitting area, and add lots of cushions for additional comfort and luxury.


Green Lorikeet Pillow by Alan Young


Green is also known to be a calming colour, but it also symbolizes nature. It’s a great way to bring the outside in, and helps to create an indoor space that reflects the beautiful parts of nature that you would like in your home. If you love landscape and wildlife art, this is the perfect colour to work into your home decor. Take inspiration for different shades from your favourite artworks or accessories, and build a layered colour scheme from there. Team with indoor plants for texture, and the additional health benefits that indoor plants can bring.


Alan Young - Pink Galah Print
If you’re not a fan of green or blue, pink is another colour that has been used to encourage relaxation. It’s known to calm down feelings of anger and aggression, and generally have a calming effect on nerves. For a long time, pink was a favoured colour for family bathrooms, enhancing feelings of calm during a soak in the tub, but you can use the colour wherever you like, and feature prints and accessories with striking pink galahs.


Matteo Grilli - Yellow Cockatoo Mug


Yellow is the go-to colour for happiness, cheerfulness and warmth. This is probably why it’s been a favoured colour for non-gender specific kids’ rooms for decades! It’s perfect for a happy and creative environment that kids thrive in.

It has also been known to encourage communication, build confidence and increase mental activity, making it perfect for splashes of colour in the study or other home office areas.

The colour yellow keeps returning as a trend for kitchens, because of these qualities as the kitchen is such a community space and is being used by more members of the family – not just Mum! If you’re not keen on using yellow on the walls or cabinets, have some fun with splashes of colour on dinnerware, drinkware and other accessories.

While neutral decors are generally more favoured, these trends shouldn’t stop you from adding colour to your home. Get started by looking to your favourite art pieces for inspiration and direction. Colour and art in combination can define spaces, increase mood, relax you and provide opportunities to let go, have fun and explore different ways to personalise your home.


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