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Art At Home in the Kitchen

Given the amount of time many of us have spent at home during 2020, it’s not surprising that a lot of people have been reviving their living spaces in the second half of the year. The kitchen is an important space in our homes - it’s where we create, sustain and socialise. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or changing up a few things to give it a refresh, inspiration and solutions can always be found in art.

A Pop Of Colour

Daring hues always make a room come alive, adding vivaciousness to functionality. For those who don’t have the time or the budget to add colour by remodelling cabinetry or bench spaces, another way to add colour is with wall art and functional pieces like dinnerware. Having art in our kitchen is a great way to add personality to a practical space.

Australian wildlife lends itself naturally to adding colour. Australian birds in particular are known for their incredibly beautiful and vivid plumage, their striking palette comes alive in watercolours and oil paintings.

The rainbow lorikeet is the one of the first that you’ll likely think of: blue and green plumage offset by touches of yellow, red and orange provide a range of colour to pick out and focus your colour scheme on, depending on what you favour and the look you’d like to achieve. Alan Young’s Rainbow Lorikeet piece, for example, is the perfect wall print that you can then complement with kitchen accessories. Think bright blue tea sets or glassware, or a set of retro red canisters.

Lorikeet Print by Alan Young

The gang gang cockatoo, with it’s pop of pink, is also a perfect way to add a blaze of colour to an neutral palette. Several shades of pink complement the cockatoo’s plumage, so you can accessorise with pastels through to brighter shades, or a try a combination to layer the look!

Gang Gang Cockatoo by Nadya Neklioudova

Choose A Character

Another design idea is to choose a character and match with functional sets and beautiful pieces.

Matteo Grilli's series of the Australian Cockatoo shows different perspectives to a classic Australian character. Matteo’s different angles and expressions - from contemplative to inquisitive - flow across a series that are available as mugs, cushions and of course wall art prints. Matteo’s work is the perfect example of how you can choose a single character but have many variations to a design, and the accessories that you prefer. Team hanging art with comfortable accessories on guest chairs, or display the full set on practical mugs on an open shelf.

Cockatoo mug by Matteo Grilli

Many of our artists have a favourite subject, so there are plenty to choose from. If you prefer a monochrome look, Lisa Sommer's work will stand out on its own while keeping with a neutral decor, and her contemporary style is sure to be a conversation starter!

You’ve heard it said many times before that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It may have had a slightly different intention when the saying was first coined, but the sentiment is just as true today as it ever was. It’s the perfect place to start thinking about how to personalise your home to suit your lifestyle, and reflect the things that lift you up and make your house a relaxing and enjoyable place to be. After the year we’ve had, you deserve to have your kitchen to be a place that brings you joy each time you walk in!

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by Alissa Z on March 04, 2021

So beautiful and insightful. My husband and I actually have a few bird mugs in the kitchen, it really adds colour to our afternoon teas!


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