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Animals & Elements: Art at Home

Here in Brisbane we're back into lockdown I hear you say! And they've cancelled all shows at QPAC?! Oh dear. Looks like more relaxing time at home is coming! Lately, many of us have been spending more time than usual in our homes. Normally, we’d spend a big chunk of the day in an office, a lot of time in a car or public transport, and only really spend a short amount of waking time each day in our house or apartment. This year saw the reverse happen!

This year and last sent the majority of us home in droves. All of a sudden, where we lived was where we worked, and we had to rethink what a home not only meant, but what it really looked like. 

We also had the time to have a good look around. We’ve noticed what’s old, what’s tired, and generally want to improve our surroundings. We also had a sneaky look at how others lived through video calls (admit it, you did!): we would focus on what was behind them and how they set up their room when the Zoom call invariably went for a bit longer than it needed to! Without even realising it, we were getting an extra personalised insight into the people we worked with, by how they lived and what they surrounded themselves with.

One thing became very clear for a lot of us; this should be our space where we live the best parts of our life, relax with friends and family, and is a reflection of who we are and what we like. Above all else, it should make us feel comfortable, safe and relaxed when we need it to.

No doubt the conversation with many of your family and friends at the moment is now about renovating. It’s very likely that someone you know is redoing their kitchen, someone else is repainting their living areas, someone else is building a deck, etc. 

Painting and Designing Your Home - Inspired by Nature and Animals

Full scale renovations, however, aren’t within everyone’s budget. But there are simple and cost effective ways to give your home a refresh, and reflect your personality. Art in our homes allows us to create spaces that reflect the personality of your home and the people living in it. It also caters to any budget and any style.

Uniquely Australian

Most people will have some memory of their Nanna’s house. Usually, there were the ceramic flying ducks on the wall. Remember the flying ducks? They were a staple in many suburban homes and farmhouses during the 40's to the 70's, pottery mallard ducks that came straight from the UK into Australian homes. 

From the 80's onwards, however, Australians started embracing Australian animals and fauna in their homewares. Ken Done’s bright depictions of Australian landscapes flooded our local culture, and we embraced them and the wider concept of local art and reflection of where we live. Australian art prints were a must have, and we broadened our view from landscapes to the individual animals and plants within them. 

Nadya Neklioudova's variagated fairy wren canvas art

Overseas, the image of Australia became cute koalas and curious kangaroos became the image of Australia overseas. Rather than shunning these ideas, Australians themselves began to embrace these symbols, and go beyond. Australian birds that people overseas had never heard of would emboss tea towels and become garden ornaments. 

Now we’re fortunate enough to have so many wonderful artists who specialise in Australian wildlife, capturing our native fauna and flora in more ways than before. Their styles and perspectives range from traditional to modern, and everything in between. These contemporary artists are creating beautiful artworks that we can now, thanks to digital printing, enjoy not only on wall prints, but also beautiful home decor accessories that we can enjoy in ways that suit us and personalise our homes

Making Your Home Uniquely Yours 

It’s easy to rejuvenate a home by doing what everyone else is doing. Current trends and styles are a great place to start when you’re renovating and redecorating, but remember that at the end of the day it’s your home, so why not make it uniquely yours?

You can couple current popular colours in paint and tile styles with unique art prints for your walls, cushion covers and accessories that reflect what you love and what makes you feel comfortable in your own space.

Sandra Temple Cute Echidna Pillow for the Living Room

Is there a particular animal or bird that reminds you of happy times of your childhood, or your hometown? For those of us who grew up in Australia, there is usually something that brings back great feelings of growing up in such a unique country surrounded by birds, plants and animals that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. Embrace that, and what you find in your own natural surroundings, to personalise your interior spaces.

As well as being your very own inspired design choices that make you feel comfortable and at home in your own space, these elements will also likely be a conversation starter when guests visit.

Different Elements for 'Elements Spaces'

How do you decorate bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and sectioned areas so they are defined for each purpose or each feeling you’re trying to capture?

Art can help define each space by using colour and design elements.

Create relaxing spaces for your home with calming blues and greens, landscape wall art prints with muted tones. Complement them by bringing the outside in with refreshing indoor plants. Add piles of plump cushions adorned with beautiful designs that not only provide comfort but also create a feeling of luxury.


Cute Curlews by Gail Higgins - Pefect PIllow Sat in the Living Room


Add modern or colourful art to living and dining areas that you’d like to encourage conversation, good vibes and laughter, set against vibrant feature walls. Liven up functional spaces like kitchens with kitchenware of different colours and hues, or make accessories flow with a matching design.

Add a native touch to kid’s rooms by introducing local animals and birds to the room decor, toys and accessories. This gives them a great early introduction to their own country and all of the unique species in it. 


When you’re looking for inspiration for home decorating and renovating ideas, look to art. Familiar motifs can become a feature design element, contemporary prints can provide colour ideas for your walls and accessories, and unique designs can create a point of difference that sets your home apart from everyone else’s. This year, more than ever, you deserve a home that makes you feel comfortable, inspired and relaxed, one that is uniquely yours. 

What Design Elements Have Inspired You in Your Home? Write Your Comments Below and Receive A 10% Off Voucher! 

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by Mat on April 05, 2021

We designed our home with a bird focus in mind – something we love!


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